Latest WhatsApp update on Android beta lets users mute chats foreverLatest WhatsApp update on Android beta lets users mute chats forever

2020 Best WhatsApp Mods You May Like

2020 Best WhatsApp Mods To Use

WhatsApp MODs are a variety of instant messaging applications that have gained over the years for their crazy updates that cant be found on an original version of WhatsApp. MOD is an abbreviation for “Modified”. These versions are designed by outsider engineers utilising the official WhatsApp structure.

A lot of these have taken over the original WhatsApp market gaining millions of users across the world.

However, they remain banned from Google App store due to copyright and legal issues with WhatsApp.

Over the years, WhatsApp has been banning users from using Mods, but this has made them more popular instead.

As such, users prefer the best from a pool of Mods now in the market. The publication has brought you the best, user-friendly and popular WhatsApp Mods that have better controllability, and which we recommend for you to use this year.


2020 Best WhatsApp Mods;

1. GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp mods being utilised out there. It remains with a large number of downloads across the world as compared to other mods. This is because it is almost as old as the original WhatsApp itself. The application has fewer problems and easy to use. Indeed, you can be guaranteed of incredible protection and security with GBWhatsApp.

Crazy features offered by GBWhatsApp

With this mod, you are actually able to copy status messages of your other WhatsApp contacts to clipboard.
Novel and interesting looking emoticons and WhatsApp stickers are included with each update.
Keep WhatsApp chats hidden with the goal that they don’t appear on the fundamental dashboard.

2. WhatsApp Plus

This is another top of the line WhatsApp mod, WhatsApp Plus (WAPlus) that you can try out on your Android mobile. This newer version is second best of all WhatsApp mods out there.

Structured and created by Rafalete, WhatsApp Plus has an assortment of features that can assist you with making the most out of your chatting experience.

Extraordinary features offered by WhatsApp Plus

This mod will allow you to add a WhatsApp description to a group.
This mod will enable you to post status videos that are longer than 30 seconds.
Send documents up to 30 MB of size, though original WhatsApp Messenger permits you to send files for up to measure 16 MB.

2020 Best WhatsApp Mods

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