Whatsapp Users Stranded

Three Best Tricks To Work On Your Phone.

Your Whatsapp should not be ordinary try and flex up a bit,  Enable those crazy features and shack things. Checkout 3 tricks that you can make use of.

1. How to tell whether the person has seen your messages or not when read receipt is off?

If you want to know whether the person has seen your messages or not as they have turned off their read receipt, just send a  voice note to that person. As soon as the person receives and plays the voice note, there will be blue ticks on the voice note, and it will be very obvious that he/she read the previous messages too, and finally, you will know that you have been badly ignored.

2. How to delete a message even after a year?

You can now delete messages within one hour and 8 minutes of sending them. But you can also delete an old message follow the steps below:

  1. Close your WhatsApp remove it from recent apps
  2. Open Settings
  3. Application management
  4. WhatsApp
  5. Force Stop
  6. Now turn your mobile data or Wifi off and change your date and time settings to the time you sent that message which you want to delete or adjust the time one or two minutes after you sent the messages
  7. Now open WhatsApp, and you will see the delete for everyone option for that message
  8. then delete that particular message for everyone

3. Secretly view WhatsApp status

If you want to see someone’s WhatsApp status, but you don’t want them to know, then we are here to help. All you have to do is to turn off your read receipt.

  1. Open WhatsApp Settings
  2.  go to Account
  3. Tap on Privacy
  4. Turn off read receipts
  5. Now see the story, and they’ll not know if you’ve seen their status

Try these tricks on your Whatapp and you will never go wrong.

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