You may have seen many people using different types of Whatsapp on their phones, or people having 2 WhatsApp on their phones, those apps will be using customized Whatsapps and have more features.  Such WhatsApp Apps are not official and not protected.

WhatsApp Will Ban Users On Unofficial Apps Like GB WhatsApp and ...


These Whatsapp include GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, FM Whatsapp, which are available on the web, not on Google Play.

The following are the reasons why it is risky to use unofficial Whatsapp on your Android smartphone or tablet devices:

1. Your message probably is not protected

Unofficial Whatsapp applications have sent and received your message through the official Whatsapp server. It is similar to the official app, but this is not 100% confirmed that your messages are not going through another server. Your private data can be used by the third-party server, so be safe when using such unofficial applications.

2. You can be banned anytime

Whatsapp has restricted users from using their modified version of the original app. Most people were highlighted on this issue in online communities and forums. In most cases, people were given a time frame to change from unofficial Whatsapp to the original Whatsapp.

3. The update is not available through Google play

All unofficial Whatapp, FM Whatsapp included are not strictly permitted in the Google Play Store, so those unofficial applications can not be updated through Google play. To download them you need to visit the third party sites, even when you want the latest version of WhatsApp mod application. You may encounter harmful ads and malware on pirated sites.

These are some of the reason which makes unofficial Whatsapps risky to use.

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