Actor Sello Maake Slammed For Hosting Woman Beater Sello Sebotsane On His Show

Actor Sello Maake Slammed For Hosting Woman Beater Sello Sebotsane On His Show

Actor and TV host; Sello Maake ka Ncube was slammed this past weekend on social media for giving woman beater; Sello Sebotsana a platform to speak on his show; Fathers and Sons which airs on Soweto TV.

Actor Sello Maake

The actor excitedly tweeted: “The team kept calling us the 2 SELLO’s nd we are going to tackle matters of #GBV head on and change will happen in our lifetime!”

Actor Sello Maake

Sello Sebotsane is facing charges of domestic violence and assault. He was married to Skeem Saam actress; Shoki Mmola whom he abused for several years in front of their children. 

Tweeps tweeted angrily: 

“So, I think the way it works in this country is that perpetrators get a “free pass” and their victims voices matter the least. Also some of these men only do this speaking up thing because jobs are drying up as more and more of us are reminding channels not to hire abusers.”



“Is Sello Sebotsane a Guest as an abuser and will be dealt with for abusing his now ex-wife Shoki ? Or it is just for show offs that a man can get away with GBV in South Africa? If you need change deal with him first.”

Scandal, Legacy and The River actress Masasa Mbageni tweeted: ” Only perpetrators are given so much airtime in SA ! You literally were in court for GBV & here you are talking about it ? Why? Yhu hayi I won’t lie I’m disappointed but it’s expected! This man abused Shoki, beat her up in front of her children. It’s public knowledge. Why is he given a platform to speak? For the why? This is shameful!”

Actor Sello Maake

Actress Florence Masebe who watched the interview tweeted: “I tuned in hoping you would at least get this man to account. What was the point?  Aowa Sello.

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