auto-reply messages using whatsappgbauto-reply messages using whatsappgb

How to Auto-reply messages using Whatsappgb

Messaging has become the most essential part of our everyday communication such that you always have that constant urge to keep in touch with everyone in your life. But what if you are not available or busy at something such that you cannot be readily available to reply? Auto-reply comes into the picture in such a situation for the ease of communication. And GB WhatsApp has got you covered with its incredible auto-reply feature.

GB WhatsApp is the most used advanced version of WhatsApp known for providing a lot of features that are not yet released in official WhatsApp.

The Auto-Reply feature on GBWhatsApp can set you predefined replies to all or specific messages you receive when you are offline, that is, you can choose to reply all the messages, or those containing an exact word, or a phrase containing the specified word.

The main part of this feature is that you can set auto-reply for either contacts or groups or both.

You can choose the start time and end time for auto-reply messages. For example, if you are doing some shopping in town during specific hours then you can set auto-reply for those situations. Also, if you are going to sleep, then you can add another auto-reply with some custom message.

It also lets you set auto-reply for either all the messages, or containing an exact word, or a phrase containing the specified word. It also has the option to set a delay in seconds for an auto-reply message to be sent.

Here Is How To Auto Reply Messages Using WhatsApp GB

Step 1: Open GB Whatsapp application from your phone.


Step 2: Go to the three dots on the top right corner of the screen to open Menu.

auto-reply messages using whatsappgb
auto-reply messages using whatsappgb

Step 3: Click on the GB Settings button from the Menu that appears.

Auto-Reply on GBWhatsApp

Step 4: Scroll down and find the Auto-Reply Message option and click on it.

Auto-Reply on GBWhatsApp



Step 5: Now turn it on on the top right corner to enable auto-reply feature (it should turn from red to green).

auto-reply messages using whatsappgb
auto-reply messages using whatsappgb

Step 6: So many options will appear on your screen, where you can choose how to custom modify your auto-reply feature as such:

Auto-Reply on GBWhatsApp

  • Select “contains” for selecting the keywords which will send automatically reply, eg, for “I’m at shops, chat later
  • If you select  “equals” it will automated reply to be sent only after matching exactly to the contacts
  • If you select “all” to send automated messages to all of your contacts.
  • If you select delay it will send an automated reply
  • Select your preferred starting time and end time of this function of your profile.

Then Click on Add button.

Auto-Reply on GBWhatsApp

Viola…..There You Have It, Enjoy Your Unlimited Messaging.

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