avoid getting caught cheating on whatsapp 2

Avoid Getting Caught Cheating On WhatsApp With This Trick

avoid getting caught cheating on whatsapp

It doesn’t take a tech wizard to spy on your WhatsApp activities to know what you’re up to. If you are not careful enough, each and every single message you type on your instant messaging app has high chances of being intercepted by someone. And this can only be your life partner or lover.

While cheating is not so much commended, privacy is one item paramount importance that we emphasize on and we wish to provide one for you through these simple tricks on how to avoid getting caught cheating on WhatsApp.

There are many ways you can communicate with your secret lover and utilize WhatsApp features and avoid getting caught cheating.

1. Avoid Going On Ghost Mode.

Ghost mode is where you switch off your last seen, your profile picture or hide your status from people.

This is an obvious mistake overzealous cheaters always make without realising the trick is so old even a child can tell.

You are raising suspicions from your partner so desist from doing it!

2. Use A Fake Name

This may seem quite obvious to many.

The simple trick here is to save your new lover with the name of the same gender you are. (If you are a female, use female fake name for the person, and so on)

The idea is for you to make your story more credible and believable. So you come up with a backstory of the said person – advisably it should be that the person is your workmate so to avoid having to explain a lot once you receive messaged at some odd hours of the day.

Another important thing is to always tell your partner about this fake-named-person and explain why you always talk to them.

3. Hide Preview On Pop Up Messages

On many circumstances, messages pop up and automatically preview on your phone. This unfortunate event can happen in the presence of your partner and can be very hard for you to explain and “I love you” text that previewed in front of them

You can keep away from these lamentable circumstances, be that as it may, by concealing message previews in the WhatsApp application.

It is exceptionally simple to do;
Open WhatsApp
Go to Settings > Notifications > Popup Notifications
Select “No Popup”

While still on the same issue, you can as well Disable Notifications since these may also pop-up and be easily viewed by your partner.

4. Disable auto-saving

Imagine receiving suspicious photos and videos from your new lover while your phone is with your other partner.

Instead of having to delete them one by one from your phone, just disable the automatic saving of media in the WhatsApp program.

You can download in your free time.

Avoid Getting Caught Cheating On WhatsApp

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