Benefits and Challenges of Hiring an Offshore Software Engineering Team

Hiring an offshore software engineering team opens up a huge talent pool, allowing you to hire the best professionals regardless of geographical location. With the growing need for software developers in all industries, the global marketplace is the perfect place to find the top talent for your project. This article will cover the benefits and challenges of hiring an offshore software development team. Read on to learn more. Hopefully, you’ll find this information helpful. And good luck with your search!

Work culture

When outsourcing software engineering, you should be careful to create a strong work culture among your team members. A strong culture is as important to offshore software development as its business strategy is. While a business strategy is designed to increase revenue and create a sense of community, workplace culture is about the people who work for it. Culture is determined by values, traditions, beliefs, and how employees interact with one another. Having a good corporate culture attracts top talent and improves employee satisfaction and performance.

When working with offshore developers, it’s important to understand their culture before assigning projects to them. Offshore developers may be in India, where the time difference can make it difficult to coordinate a project. In addition, if you’re hiring software engineers from India or Mexico, you should be prepared to deal with differences in work culture. If the developers don’t speak English, it may lead to miscommunication. Ensure that the company’s development team members speak English, as well as other languages.


The cost of software development offshore is lower than in North America. For example, a junior software developer in Brazil can be paid up to $50 per hour, while a senior developer can be paid up to $125 an hour. By hiring a dedicated team through a team augmentation vendor, these costs can be even lower. The biggest demand for software development offshore is from companies in Latin America. Many US companies outsource their software development work overseas because of the lower developer rates in Latin America.

The cost of outsourcing software development depends on several factors, including the location of the offshore company. The location of the outsourcing vendor is essential because the salaries are often comparable to those of U.S. companies. The duration of the engagement and the skill level required are other factors that determine the cost. However, in general, the cost is two to three times that of hiring an in-house team. If the offshore software engineering company provides more senior software developers, the cost of hiring them is about 50% less.

Time zone differences

When outsourcing your software engineering project, you’ll want to consider the time-zone differences between your development team and your client’s time. Listed below are the major time zones between US and European time. While they may seem intimidating at first, they’re actually much more manageable than they might seem. Usually, two hours of overlap is enough to work with. You can also schedule meetings in the afternoon or evening, if needed.

As the time difference is an issue with many types of software development projects, it’s important to understand the local time zone differences for your offshore team. If your team is located in Europe, the time difference will likely be five or six hours ahead of yours. However, if your team is located in Asia, the difference could be ten hours or more. Regardless of the time difference, you should be able to continue development work for a good portion of each day. In addition, the time differences may make it difficult to get the work done on time, so share the time schedules between team members.

Barriers to hiring an offshore software development team

Although it’s not as common as it once was, offshore outsourcing is making its way back into the business world. Many companies are turning to an offshore team in order to save money. Hiring an offshore team is less expensive, but there are many trade-offs. Time zone differences can make communication difficult, and cultural misunderstandings can lead to poor quality work product and increased labor costs. Another common concern is the lack of transparency and communication.

First, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want your offshore software development team to achieve. Do they have specialists in the technology you need? What technologies do they use? Once you know that, contact your preferred offshore software development team. Then, prepare a short list of requirements. After the consultation, take a break. After a while, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you want.

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