Whatsapp has a number of features which are not well known to most users, some may term them hidden Whatsapp features.

Whatsapp keeps updating and adding a number of features to provide its users with a smooth messaging experience.

Below are some of the best Whatsapp features that you should try on your phone to shake things up.

Whatsapp Dark Mode

One common feature that has been on several applications and platforms is ‘dark mode. WhatsApp has moved with time and has introduced dark mode to its platform.

The Dark Mode comes with so many advantages for those who love late night chats and those who want to have a unique color on their Whatsapp platforms. It is an eye-soothing feature as it allows you to use your phone without straining your sight.

Here is how you can enable Whatsapp Dark Mode:

How to Change font, Bold, italics, strikethrough

You can also change your WhatsApp messages font.

To apply these features on your message just long-press the portion of text you wish to change format after typing the message.

Now you will get the option to change the format to bold, strikethrough, or italics. You can also ‘Monospace’ option to change the font.

Whatsapp format

How to Bookmark a Message:

Some messages are more important than others and you would want easy ways to search for them.

In most cases, the message that you want to easily access will be from some whom you are in contact with frequently, so it will be hard to scroll down all the messages looking for one message.

With Whatsapp, it is possible to bookmark these messages and find them all easily in the Starred Messages section.

  1. First, open your Chat from the contact you want to obtain the message
  2. Long press on the chat until it gets highlighted
  3. Tap on the Star which will appear at the top of the chat panel, after that you would have successfully bookmarked a message.

These are some of the features that you can apply on your Phone to change things a bit.

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