WhatsApp Custom Wallpapers: Here's How to Put Different Wallpapers on Individual ChatsWhatsApp Custom Wallpapers: Here's How to Put Different Wallpapers on Individual Chats

Check New Features To Be Launched By Facebook-owned Whatsapp

Considering how WhatsApp has become an important part of our day-to-day lives, the features that will be launched by Facebook-owned Whatsapp will be an advantage that will surely change our chatting experience. Here are some of the features.

1. Permanent Mute Switch

Aren’t we all tired of the notifications? How many times do we put the group on mute, only to release after a point it’s active again. With this option, you can be part of the super-active group but make sure they are muted forever!

2. Multi-device Support

One of the important features WhatsApp has been working on is multi-device support. Once launched, this particular feature will allow users to actively use the app on your device using one account. Worried about chats? Well, the developers are also working on syncing the chat history on various devices as well.

3. Up to 50 Members Video Chat

The Room Integration feature now allows you to users to chat with up to 50 people in a single video call.

4. Expiring Messages

What you could set a limited time on your WhatsApp chats? Well, they are reportedly working on the expiring messages feature that will let you delete or expire the message after seven days. All you need to do is activate the settings and get a time limit to your chats.

5. 138 New Emojis

The best part of chats is the emojis that add a personal touch to your conversation. WhatsApp has recently rolled out 138 new emojis in the latest Android beta version of the app.

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