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Most people are bared from advancing on technology especially on Whatsapp because of their phone battery. They believe Whatsapp drains 90% of the phone battery.

This article is going to help you move along with other people by offering you the best tips on how to save your phone battery while using Whatsapp.

  1. Enable Dark Mode.

The Whatsapp Dark mode helps you to save your phone battery.  The Dark mode helps to reduce light on device screens. The dark mode uses less power by adjusting brightness to current lighting conditions.

To enable Dark mode, follow the steps below.

  • Open your Whatsapp
  • Open the Whatsapp menu ( Three dots at the top right corner)
  • Tap on Chats.
  • Tap on Theme
  • Select Dark

After this, you would have activated a feature that will help you save your battery.

2. Disable Auto-Downloads

Auto-Downloads drains battery when using Whatsapp. The downloads of videos, pictures and voice notes tend to strain the device battery so one has to disable that.

To disable Auto-Downloads you have to:

  1. Open you Whatsapp and click on settings
  2. Click on Data and Storage Usage
  3. Check on Media auto-downloads, there are three categories
  4. Clear up Auto-download when using Data.

This will also save the phone battery.

Most people enjoy the use of Animated wallpapers or colorful wallpapers, for example, Users’ image. This strains the battery thus giving you battery problems.

On Android devices with AMOLED and OLED displays, black or dark wallpapers protect battery life because the screen uses energy to brightens only colored pixels. Black pixels are not lit and require less power to maintain the image.

Also turning on  Ultra power-saving mode helps on power saving. Ultra power-saving restricts the usage of applications to only essential ones.

Once you are in ultra power saving mode on your phone, you will have limited access to the apps on your phone. You can add some additional ones by tapping the + buttons, hence you can add your Whatsapp.

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