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You might have been wondering why most people choose  Whatsapp as one of the best creative ways to boost their business, then looked at it this way.

Whatsapp has gained massive popularity from the onset and for one to market his/her business, he/she should try by all means to engage in platforms where people are active.

If you want your business to flourish using Whatsapp, try and look beyond Whatsapp as a tool of communicating with friends only.

Check on the reasons and advantages of using Whatsapp to grow your business. Below are some of the reasons.

Ideas why you should consider Whatsapp to grow a business

  • Whatsapp is affordable
  • It helps you communicate directly with targeted clients
  • Whatsapp allows you to send images, ebooks, brochures or even catalogs.
  • You can quickly get feedback on whatever business you are working on.

 Creative ways to boost your business using Whatapp

1. Create a Broadcast list: With a broadcast list, you can send messages to a number of people at once. The message sent will be received by anyone on your list who has your number.

The message will be received as a normal message and when they reply the message will be received directly to your inbox.

So to make your business top-ranking select the people you know are of best interest to your business and add them on the Broadcast list. The list is limited to 256 people.

2. Create Groups:  Groups are very important when conducting business on Whatsapp.

Groups help you reach out to 257 people at once. You can send images, ebooks, brochures, and catalogs.

With groups, messages are sent and responses from participants are received there and then.

3. Make use of direct Messages: Contact all the people you think are of value to your business, tell them about promotions- new stock, etc.

Whatsapp has an advantage that it has added a call feature, so you can call your clients and discuss business. You can also make group video calls at an affordable rate.

4. Make use of Status updates: Update statuses on the business you are into. If it is a clothing business update statuses on the products, by doing so you would have reached out to your contacts, hence letting them know what you have on stock.

Whatsapp is the best mode to advertise a business because many of your customers are probably already using it. More than 60 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every single day and people can share whatever it is that your business is based on with their friends on other Whatsapp platforms.

Now here you are, Whatsapp can not only be used for chatting with friends-it can also be used to grow a business.

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