Disable The Second Tick

Disable The Second Tick On WhatsApp Showing You’ve Read A Message

We’ve probably read about the foolproof ways in which you can make it hard for someone to see that you have read and received their message.

But there is a solid way of reading someone’s message by making it appear as if you didn’t receive the message.

Disable The Second Tick

The honest truth is, you want to receive and read the message but you don’t want the sender to know.

Under normal functions, a double tick means your message has been delivered to the other person.

This way, if they come online at any given time they will see that a message has been sent.

Blue ticks, if enabled means that the other person has received and read your message.

One tick means that your message was sent but not received and read.

GB WhatsApp has the one tick feature which makes it appear like the message wasn’t delivered and read when in fact it was.

Your contact will never know if and when their message to you was delivered and read.

If you want to know more about other great features and tweaks which come with GBWhatsApp read here.

If you want to download GBWhatsApp, you can do it here.

So here’s how to enable the one tick feature

Now that you have GBWhatsApp and have downloaded it and set it up,you can proceed, this doesn’t work with ordinary WhatsApp

Open the application and tap the 3 dots on the top right of your WhatsApp screen.

Select settings < privacy

The second tick has been disabled.

When your contact sends you a message, they will only get one tick on their side and won’t know if you have received and read their message when in fact you did


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