How To Fix WhatsApp

Disable WhatsApp Messages Without Switching Your Phone’s Internet

Seriously there are moments when WhatsApp feels more like a bother than a convenience.

Like that moment when you’re trying to focus on something else and then WhatsApp messages keep popping, left and right and some of them demanding immediate attention.

Herein lies the quandary, we can’t exactly log out of WhatsApp the same way we log out of Facebook, Instagram and other social apps, which means we will keep getting messages.

Disable WhatsApp Messages

Switching off your phone’s data or WiFi to avoid getting WhatsApp messages means you can no longer browse on your phone, check out other applications or use the internet.

So there is sure fire way to go offline on WhatsApp and stop receiving messages without going earth policy on your phone’s functionality.

It’s a bit tricky to achieve this feat with the normal WhatsApp, so we’d advise a modified version of WhatsApp.

It you want to know about the advantages of WhatsApp mods you can read here.

Modified versions of WhatsApp come with the feature called the DND mode , short for Do Not Disturb mode.

You can download your GBWhatsApp on or other WhatsApp mods like FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, Yo WhatsApp on other credible sites. They all have more or less the same features with slight differences.

Now, assuming you have downloaded GBWhatsApp and have gone through the motions of installing, setting up and verification.

Open your GBWhatsApp and you’ll see the normal display screen.

Right at the top middle of the screen is a WiFi like icon, it’s not exactly for WiFi but for the Do Not Disturb Mode.

Tap on the icon and you will get a popup message saying that if you enable the DND mode you will not receive any or send any message until you disable it.

Tap on OK, you won’t be receiving or sending any WhatsApp messages on your phone.

Your WhatsApp will go offline but your phone’s internet will be running.

If you want to start receiving or sending WhatsApp messages again just tap on that same WiFi like icon and disable it.

That’s basically it.


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