Easy Steps On How To Update Fouad WhatsApp To Latest Version.

Fouad Whatsapp latest update

Want to move with time and enjoy Fouad Whatsapp extra premium features? Here is how to update your Fouad Whatsapp to the latest version

It is possible to run more than 2 WhatsApp on one phone along with special bonus features. Fouad WhatsApp is a WhatsApp mod that is popular all over the world for its super, cool, and exciting features.

In this article, we have shared easy steps on how to update Fouad WhatsApp mod to Latest Version on your smartphone.

How To Update Fouad WhatsApp To New Version

Having an Up to date Fouad WhatsApp is important if you want to enjoy all its new features. Now, follow the steps described here to update your Fouad WhatsApp to the Latest Version.

 1- Download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp apk

 2- Open the app and go to Menu, click on Fouad Mods, then Other Mods.

3-  From the list that emerges there, click on “Backup WhatsApp Data”. The backup will start immediately and it will finish within a few minutes.

 4- Once you got the successful backup, uninstall the available version of Fouad Whatsapp on your device.

 5- After that, go to your file manager and install the apk file of the latest version of Whatsapp that you have downloaded.

 6- Once the installation is done, open it. You will see an option of “Restore”. Click on that. Your chat backup will be restored on your device within a few seconds. It will directly take you to the WhatsApp home without having any verification process.

Some people may wonder what is Foud Whatsapp APK?

It is a material designed mode, that provides a number of features including customization, themes, changing styles, conversation lock among other things.

You may have to download and frequently update this application to get amazing features, and at least look different from the rest.

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