ED Mnangagwa warns CCC's Nelson Chamisa as 2023 polls gets closerED Mnangagwa warns CCC's Nelson Chamisa as 2023 polls gets closer

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has accused the opposition Citizens Coalition of Change (CCC) of stage-managing acts of political violence countrywide to stall Zimbabwe’s readmission into the Commonwealth.

Addressing mourners at the National Heroes Acre during the burial of national hero, Major General (Rtd) Sydney Bhebhe at the national shrine yesterday, Mnangagwa said he would crack the whip on perpetrators of violence. He was referring to the Nyatsime violence last week where CCC activists engaged in running battles with Zanu PF supporters following the brutal murder of opposition activist Moreblessing Ali.

Mnangagwa said the Nyatsime violence was stage-managed ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) scheduled for Kigali, Rwanda, from yesterday to Saturday, where Zimbabwe is seeking readmission.

“What happened recently in the Nyatsime township of Chitungwiza is deplorable and should never be repeated. The nation is now familiar with these shenanigans and incidences of staged violence, which are designed to tarnish the image of Zimbabwe, especially ahead of major international meetings,” Mnangagwa said.

ED Mnangagwa warns CCC's Nelson Chamisa as 2023 polls gets closer
ED Mnangagwa warns CCC’s Nelson Chamisa as 2023 polls gets closer

“This time, opposition elements’ destabilising and violent theatrics are being done ahead of the CHOGM meeting in Rwanda. Shame on you if you are the leader of a political party that thrives on violence and the insecurity of our people.

“The levels and intensity of falsehoods being peddled by some opposition political parties to whip their supporters into orgies of violence, hate and disharmony are now extremely problematic, and my administration will not stand by and watch. Violence has no place in Zimbabwe we are building. We want peace, love and harmony. Let us shun all forms of self-hate, as well as the peddling of falsehoods and misinformation,” he said. Mnangagwa warned that the law would be ruthless on perpetrators of violence without fear or favour.

“No one is above the law. I, thus, call upon our communities throughout the country to be vigilant against these destabilising and hateful political parties.” Turning to Western countries, Mnangagwa blamed them for working with the opposition to perpetrate violence in the country.

“Meanwhile, it is regrettable that Zimbabwe continues to attract unwarranted interest from our former colonisers, who, together with their supremacist proxies, mistakenly think that we are provinces of their countries. These meddlesome countries and their lobbyists, under various guises, preach democracy and good governance daily, whilst sponsoring and instigating nefarious activities, violence and instability in our country by night.”

CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said it was regrettable that instead of condemning Ali’s enforced disappearance and gruesome murder, Mnangagwa was politicking and blaming the opposition.

“We continue to condemn violence and call for a level political playing field as we approach 2023. In the new Zimbabwe, political contestation will not be criminalised, and the law will be applied evenly. The abuse of the police service to serve partisan ends. CCC MPs Job Sikhala (Zengeza West) and Godfrey Sithole (Chitungwiza North) are in jail, yet all they did was call for justice for Moreblessing,” Mahere said.

She said Zanu PF called for the “crushing like lice” of opposition supporters, banned them from attending funerals of their supporters in Zanu PF zones, and threatened to “unleash dogs” on the opposition, yet Mnangagwa was quiet about it.

“Zanu PF supporters are never held to account at all for their clear criminal conduct,” Mahere said.

Commenting on Mnangagwa’s speech, political analyst Kudakwshe Munemo said: “It is a half-baked statement and one which contradicts itself as it is loaded with blame shift, denial and denouncing that politically-motivated violence is on the increase, by declaring it as stage-managed. The President must show commitment and allow the various arms of the State to fully investigate and deliver justice to the perpetrators, victims and the survivors.”

In his eulogy, Mnangagwa described Bhebhe, whose Chimurenga name was Yengani Dhlodlo, as a humble, reserved and unassuming man, yet an astute, honest, fearless and reliable military officer who served his country with unflinching loyalty.

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