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Freeze Your Last Seen Time On WhatsApp With This Simple Trick

So you want to freeze your last seen time stamp on WhatsApp, such that it remains static despite you being online after the aforementioned time.

This is mostly a privacy feature and kind of protects your online activities from curious/nagging people, stalkers and maybe if you’re a student, ya know, your parents and nosy relatives.

Freeze Your Last Seen Time

This feature freezes the last seen timestamp of your WhatsApp, say you want your last seen WhatsApp time stamp to be 12:05 pm and you enable this setting, even if you were last online at 16:01 pm when people check your online status, they will see Last Seen At 12:05 pm.

The good thing is, this time stamp can go for a week, month, year/s if you don’t tweak it, it remains static.

The bad news is, this feature is not available on the normal WhatsApp, the good news is, this feature is available on modified versions of WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, Whatsapp Plus.

WhatsApp mod is just like WhatsApp, just with extra tweaks and ways to maneuver around.

We used GBWhatsApp for this one and it can be downloaded on

After downloading GBWhatsApp and installing it, you will be taken through a verification process like WhatsApp, where they ask for your number, give you a security code to verify etc

If you’re afraid of losing your chats when moving from normal WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp then read this article first.

So back to freezing your last seen.

After installing and successfully launching your GBWhatsApp, you open the application.

Tap the 3 menu dots on the upper right of your WhatsApp display screen.

Go to settings.

In the settings tab, select accounts then select privacy.

First enable your last seen to be visible to everyone.

Then scroll to GBWhatsApp privacy options.

Tap on the option which says ‘Hide Online Status’

Your Contacts will start seeing your frozen ‘last seen time’

The time visible will be the one you selected the ‘Hide you online status’ option so you might want to factor in time factor when you do this deed.

Thank us later!


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