Gomora Spoilers: Manzi

Gomora Spoilers: Manzi Is Found Guilty

Bra Mike and Sonto Breakup

Bra Mike going to ask Sonto to marry him, she’s going to accept his proposal with conditions. Thathi still won’t buy into Mike’s goody-two-shoes act and she won’t be happy about the idea of Sonto and Bra Mike getting married.

Her dislike for Mike is going to grow and grow and, she will be adamant to prove her theory that Bra Mike is not the innocent old man he makes himself out to be.

Mike is going to insist on paying lobola for Sonto. Sonto will realize that her unlawful lifestyle won’t fit into Mike’s idea of what a wife should be and she’ll tell Mike that they are better off separated. She will struggle to deal with her broken heart towards the end of the year.

Manzi Is Found Guilty

Teddy will get the guts to expose Manzi and will eventually tell Melusi what happened between him and Manzi. When Melusi meets with Teddy, he’s going to have a confession of his own. Was Melusi also abused or was he also intimate with Manzi?

When Melusi confronts Manzi about Teddy, all hell will break loose.

Teddy will be forced to decide whether he will press charges against Manzi or just expose her to the school. Things take a turn for the worst between Manzi and Melusi, will Melusi kick Manzi out of his house?

Zodwa will battle to come to terms with Teddy’s abuse and won’t attend Teddy’s hearing.

Teddy will eventually decide to take a stand for his future and expose Manzi. It will be a battle between Manzi and Teddy at the hearing; Manzi will make Teddy look like a monster.

Teddy will cross-question his rapist; he will expose her as his rapist by revealing shocking truths about her intimate body parts. Manzi will be found guilty by the disciplinary committee.

However, things will turn sour for Teddy when he runs into Manzi again.

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