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Here Is The List Of Best and Latest FMWhatsApp Features That Must Be Download

Best and latest FMWhatsApp features are more exciting to use and they beautify your WhatsApp. You can only enjoy these features when you have downloaded the latest FMWhatsApp. Numbers suggest that people spend 1/6 of their day time messaging but most of the WhatsApp users are very worried about their security and that is the issue which has been addressed by FMWhatsApp to its users.

FMWhatsApp serves as the perfect alternative for those who need a chat and it offers them privacy and security. There are a lot of features that this app offers which its users do not have any idea that will help them to make a better experience with the application.

Best and Latest FMWhatsApp Features are as follows:

Call Filter/Blocker

Call Filter/Blocker helps to avoid unwanted calls from unknown numbers. With FMWhatsApp you can restrict who can call you on WhatsApp.Moreover, the feature allows picking some contacts who can you or just set only saved contacts will be able to call you.

Media Sharing

Most WhatsApp limits their users to share much media content at the same time for example it limits the Media sharing up to 16MB per file, sending up to 30 photos at once. However, FMWhatsApp stretches the limit of media sending size up to 700MB and more than 30 pictures to more than 250 groups at once. You can also send many more file formats like RAR, DOC, APK, and others.

Themes Store

FMWhatsApp has a YoThemes store. This means that it has more than a thousand cool themes are available. These basically include changing colours and various sections of WhatsApp and improves the user experience drastically. Some external themes can be imported via XML files.

Anti-Delete Messages

FM WhatsApp offers an anti-delete feature inside every chat. So if you don’t want to allow others to delete their chat with you, then us this WhatsApp. Even people try to delete all the messages once you have enabled that feture it the message will always appear to your WhatsApp.

New Emojis

It has got popular emoji set options like Facebook, Android P, Emoji One V3, Old Stock Emoji and more.

App Launcher and Notifications Icons

FMWhatsApp comes with a lot of App Launcher icons with Different Colored and Styled icons.

Colours and Customizations

The colour and customization features are the main reasons people use various WhatsApp mods. FMWhatsApp mods lead in this department with the ability to change colours of WhatsApp background, Status bar, Navigation bar and much more. Other customizations like chat screens, backgrounds, line breaks and more.

Full Resolution Image Sharing

Sharing a picture n WhatsApp was a big problem in the sense that it lost quality of picture after sending. WhatsApp compresses it to save data. However, FM WhatsApp has an option that can enable “Full Resolution Image Sharing” in MOD settings. You can also set the % of image quality (up to 100%) in Mod Settings. Then you send the picture with the Quality you want.

*NB* FMWhatsApp mod also comes with inbuilt Lock, Hide Media from Gallery, Pin Chats and more

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