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How To Appear As If You’re Not Online On WhatsApp When You’re Online

How To Appear As If You're Not Online On WhatsApp

So you want your WhatsApp online status to appear as if you’re not online to your contacts, when you are in fact online?

You know that time when a friend or family member called you out for being online, but not replying to their messages? And you really want to avoid that awkward scenario again.

Many social media apps have this feature, even on some chat forums, you have the options to be invisible online so that fellow members can not tell if you’re online or not.

Facebook, which owns WhatsApp by the way has that option, you can easily turn off your chats on the chat box so your friends don’t see that you’re online.

Unfortunately the ordinary WhatsApp does not have that feature yet, you can’t appear like you’re not online when you are. You’re either online or not and if you are, your contacts will check and see that.

However, modified versions of Whatsapp also come with that feature, which allows you to hide your online status.

WhatsApp mods include FM WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus And GB WhatsApp.

Learn more about WhatsApp mods here.

For this experience, we used GBWhatsApp and the results were 100% on point and guaranteed!

You can download your GBWhatsApp on gbmod.co, it’s safe and does not pose the risk of Spyware or malware

If you want to make the switch to GBWhatsApp from ordinary WhatsApp, without losing your chats and media, then you need to read this first.

So you download your GBWhatsApp, install it, enter your number, verify it and create a pin as per ordinary WhatsApp requirements.

YOU can now launch/open your GBWhatsApp by tapping on the icon which shows on your phone’s screen..

Tap on the 3 dots on the upper right corner of your GBWhatsApp screen

Several options will appear, select Privacy option.

Several options will appear again and select “Hide online Status‘ and you’re done.

In some phones, GBWhatsApp may automatically read the new option and in some, the application just restarts.

You online status will now be hidden, even if you spend the whole day online, none of your contacts can see that.

You’re welcome!


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