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This Is How You Change Default Theme (Style, Look and Feel) On FMWhatsApp

How To Change Default Theme (Style, Look and Feel) On FMWhatsApp is another exciting feature that blows the user’s mind. FMWhatsapp is a modified original WhatsApp application that includes new functions, features that are not in the ordinary WhatsApp. This article will answer some questions such as:

  1. How can I change the green colour of FMWhatsApp to a different colour?
  2. Is there a way I can change my WhatsApp chat bubbles?
  3. How can I change the appearance of WhatsApp’s iOS chat bubbles?¬†

The following are steps to change themes on FMWhatsApp

  1. Download and Install FMWhatsApp in your smart phone
  2. Open the application and Click the three dots  on the far top right
  3. Click the word FOUAD MODS
  4. Click the word UNIVERSAL
  5. Go straight and Click Styles (Look and Feel)
  6. Click Font Style there will be some styles to choose like
    (i) Default
    (ii) Roboto-Medium
    (iii) Roboto-Light
    (iv) ProductsSans
    (vi) Iphone (Arabic)
    (vii) and many more fonts
  7. Click Emoji variant
    (i) Stock
    (ii) Facebook
    (iii) Emoji One v3
    (iv) Android O
  8. Click Emojis design… Use the old stock emojis design instead of the new stock
  9. Click Launcher Icons.. Choose your favourite Launcher Icon. There are many icons with different colours and some with football team logos
  10. Click Change Notification Icon… This is the icon that will appear in your status bar and the styles are as follows: white, black, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, gold, cyan, pink, magenta, purple, blue, black, RC Notif 1, RC Notif 2, RC Notif 3, RC Notif 4, RC Notif 5, RC Notif 6, yoNotifify, Notifybar 7, Notifybar 8, Notifybar 9, Notifybar 10, Notifybar 11, up to Notifybar 27.

These are the steps that one can follow if he/she wants to this feature (Style, Look and Feel) On FMWhatsApp.

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