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How To Choose People Who Can Call You On FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp has a lot of interesting inbuilt features that makes chatting so interesting to its users. Some features allows privacy and security and this is the main feature which users want when chatting. Some people are so annoying and boring to an extant that some users opt to delete their WhatsApp because they will be calling time to time for no apparent reason. FMWhatsApp has dealt with those culprits by putting a feature that allows users to choose people who call.

Steps to follow when activating “How To Choose Contacts Who Can Call You” feature:

Step 1.

  • Download and install FMWhatsApp in your device

Step 2.

  • Go to FMWhatsApp settingsFMWhatsApp’s menu options

Step 3.

  • Click Fouad Mods

Step 4.

  • Click Privacy and Security

Step 5.

  • Choose and Click Who can call me

Step 6.

  • Choose contacts which you want to receive calls from.

Step 7. Set up the contacts you want

  • Everyone
  • My contacts
  • My contacts except
  • Select contacts
  • Nobody

FMWhatsApp provides some privacy and security features and these are as follows:

(i) Freeze last Seen

(ii) Disable Forwarded  this allows you to re-send messages without Forwarded tag

(iii) Custom privacy

(iv) Hide View Status

(v) Anti-Delete Status- Deleted statuses or stories will not be deleted for you

(vi) Show Blue Tick after reply – deactivate the blue check for already read messages

(vii) WhatsApp Lock. You can lock through fingerprint lock, Pattern and PIN

(viii) Broadcasts

(ix) Groups

(x) Contacts

(xi) Change Password – The default Password is 0000 and you can change it to any password of your choice

(xii) Recovery Question

(xiii) Change Lock / Pattern Wallpaper

(xiv) Make Pattern Invisible

(xv) Disable Pattern Vibration

Options available in the Privacy & Security section


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