How to Choose the Best CRM Software for Small Business

There are many small business CRM software options, so how do you choose the right one? Here are a few suggestions: Insightly, Freshsales, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Zapier. These programs are designed with your small business in mind. Read on to learn more about them. And if you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution, you can always consider one of the many cloud-based options.


Insightly CRM software is an easy to use program for small business owners. This CRM software allows users to create and manage deals, contacts, and projects. It offers over 250 integrations with other business software and has an API for other third-party applications. It can integrate with popular business applications like Slack and Adobe and is compatible with cloud file storage services like Amazon S3. You can also set up calendar sync with Microsoft Office and Google. The program has recently improved its user interface and data display.

Users will appreciate Insightly’s easy-to-use interface, customization options, and fluid data import. The program is easy to use, and the learning curve is minimal. Compared to other CRM applications, Insightly is also more user-friendly and easier to use than other small business applications. It also has an onboarding program and an add-on support plan to help users become familiar with the software.


The free version of Freshsales is an excellent option for small businesses. With its built-in lead capture forms, users can acquire information about potential clients online, and then turn those leads into long-term collaborations. Depending on the tier you select, the cost for Freshsales can range from $12 to $79 per user per month. The free version supports up to 10 pipelines. It also offers a range of integrations with other software.

This CRM is affordable and easy to use. Freshsales is easy to set up, and its price is pocket-friendly. It’s easy to use, and even your marketing and sales team can implement it. Unlike other small business CRMs, it includes advanced features for growing small businesses. In addition, Freshsales lets you send targeted emails and set up sales sequences and follow-up tasks.


The free version of HubSpot CRM software is sufficient for most small businesses, but if you’re looking to expand your business into a larger company, you might want to consider purchasing the paid version of the system. As a free product, HubSpot is relatively easy to use, but it includes many features that are normally only available in paid plans. For example, you can add live chat/bots and email tracking to the software. In addition, you can set up meetings, track sales leads, and keep track of your customers.

The free plan comes with some limitations, including limited customization. However, you can still benefit from the free version’s customer support, as well as its email scheduling and ticketing functionality. The free version is similar to the paid versions in terms of functionality and usability, and it comes with an easy-to-use interface and a thorough onboarding process. HubSpot has several pricing plans, including Enterprise, Professional, and Enterprise.


CRM software is a powerful tool for managing sales leads, contacts, and deals. Pipedrive allows users to import data from spreadsheets and other CRM systems. It also features a knowledge base and toll-free phone support in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. You can email support representatives around the clock, and they respond to tweets within 12 hours. Pipedrive is easy to use and provides a variety of support options.

The free Pipedrive plan lets you create and track leads, manage pipelines, and manage sales activities. The advanced and professional tiers have extra features, including bulk emailing, e-signatures, in-app calling, company-wide document sharing, and unlimited visual dashboards. The basic plan is free to use, but you can upgrade to a paid plan for custom onboarding and customization.


You can increase your sales with Salesmate CRM software. It is a powerful CRM system that help you stay on top of your customer relationships, nurture them, and ultimately increase your sales. With the help of Salesmate, you can track leads and sales leads, manage all of your email communications, and manage your website submissions. This CRM software works with various web form builders and allows you to integrate them into a single application.

This CRM software helps you organize your sales pipeline, improve customer relationships, and crush your sales quota. It also automates repetitive tasks, like data entry and marketing. And because it helps you manage your contacts and follow up with them, it also offers a number of features for bulk operations and search. With Salesmate, you can also manage and monitor your pipeline, make smart decisions, and automate tasks and activities, all without spending a single cent.

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