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How To Create A WhatsApp Bot

How to create a WhatsApp Chatbot

A WhatsApp Bot is an automated chatbot or software program that allows you to embark on conversational commerce and manage customer issues on the popular encrypted messaging app WhatsApp.

The idea of a WhatsApp Bot is to let users communicate with a chatbot through the chat interface as they would talk to a real person.

Chatbots have gained popularity among businesses nowadays. It’s now easy to make yourself one than it was a year or more ago.

This is because businesses see the importance of having such software programs.

Chatbots are readily available assistants to customers if making queries from where they are, at anytime of the day.

Customer engagement is made simple through real-time confirmations. This build trust and loyalty with customers.

Creating Your Own WhatsApp Bot

In case you were wondering how to make one for yourself, the steps are pretty much easy to follow as stated below;

First, you need approval from WhatsApp for building a recognized WhatsApp bot without being blocked by it.

There are two ways to build a stable and long-term usable WhatsApp chatbot. The first one is created by applying for WhatsApp Business API. It takes time to get the approval for making this kind of WhatsApp chatbot.

The second way is to get integrated to Twilio with its API for WhatsApp for early access. It is mainly done to save time for approval and verification by WhatsApp.

But we will only focus on the first method, applying through Business API

It is necessary to use for WhatsApp Business API to create a WhatsApp chatbot. You need to apply for Business API. When applying for this, you need to specify if you need to be either an end client or a solution provider.

All you need to provide in your application is, the name of your company, its website URL, and the name and information of the company representative

It does take time for the approval to come through if you apply for a WhatsApp Business API, but the wait is necessary since it also gives you time to plan and decide on what the chatbots need to answer the customers’ questions.

Part of this may be in looking into what among many things a bot can answer or provide for clients, for instance;

  • What is the goal for marketing or another purpose for the creation of the chatbot
  • What type of tone should it talk with its customers?
  • What kind of talk should it have with the customers?
  • Whether the dialogue should be freeform or guided one?
  • How will the chatbots respond if it is not able to answer the customers’ questions?

Then next thing when your chatbot has been approved is to decide on what chat maker to use and how to host on a database.

WhatsApp requires that the WhatsApp Business API Client is hosted using a database. This requirement ensures that end-to-end encryption is maintained.

Host databases help save time with creating your WhatsApp chatbot so you won’t have to do it from scratch.

One such easy to use application is Botsociety.

When a chatbot has been successful created, its best to do a pilot testing to understand its functionality, and if there are errors, fix them before it is open to clients.

Many at times, if you don’t wish to construct the bot from scratch on your own, you can use Botsociety to help you step by step in building a functional WhatsApp Bot.

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