How To Duplicate Whatsapp And Other Phone Applications

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Downloading a new Whatsapp might be costly, in some instances you might not have the data to download but you want to make use of two Whatsapps. Duplicating the one that is already downloaded is the way to go, it requires zero data just little changes in the settings can get you going.

Follow the steps below and get two Whatsapp applications in your phone and this means there won’t be any need to move around with two phones.

  • Go to settings first
  • Click on Advanced features
  • Then go to Dual messenger. From there you will be given a whole list of messengers that you can make dual.

2. Xiaomi (MIUI): Dual Apps

  • likewise, click on settings
  • Go to dual Apps and make a choice of the app to duplicate.

3.Asus: Twin Apps

  • Go to settings
  • click on twin app

4. Huawei and Honor: App Twin

  • Again go to settings
  • Tap App Twin

Now open the dual settings option on your phone and select the application that you wish to duplicate.

Please note if it is Whatsapp one won’t be able to duplicate everything especially the account.
One will have to get a new number to use on the new WhatsApp thus owning two different accounts.

Tip: This surely works for those who are into business, one will use the other account for business groups and the other for socialising.

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