How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen From Certain People

How to enjoy guilty free WhatsApp messaging: Hiding last seen

Want to enjoy guilty free WhatsApp messaging? Here are some tips on how to hide your last seen.

WhatsApp’s double blue ticks are not the only way to show that you have been online and ignored someone. Your ‘last seen’ time is the second layer of unwanted attention when you’re seriously trying to avoid a conversation and questions like, Why are you ignoring me yet you are online?

You can turn it off though, you just have to follow the steps below

  • Open your Whatsapp
  • go to your phone Settings
  • Tap on Account
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Select Last Seen, here you can decide who should see your last seen. Your choice ranges from
  1. Everyone,  here everyone including those who are not part of your contact list will see your last seen.
  2. My contact, all your contacts will see your online status
  3. Nobody, everyone will be blocked from seeing your online status.

To hide your last seen you select on Nobody, hence no one will see your last seen

Please note, when you go online your status will indicate that you are online even after making all those changes on your privacy settings. Also once you have activated that Nobody can see your last seen status, be prepaid not to see your contacts last seen too because it will switch off your contact last seen as well.

Finally, you can ignore people and reply to them when you have time so you will be guilt-free. With this hack ignoring someone is possible.

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