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How To Hide That You Have Seen Someone’s Status On Whatsapp


  1. Access the privacy setting in your WhatsApp.
  2. Click on settings and then click on accounts
  3. Select privacy
  4. Disable “Read receipts”, untick this option.


Privacy Settings Whatsapp

While you will be able to view the other person’s status without appearing on their viewers’ list, there is a twist. You too will not be able to see those that view your statuses when you post. You will always have 0 Views which may not be the best option to appease your stalker fetish, given the fact that we all want to know who exactly has been checking in on us.

It will also mean that you will not be accessing the read receipts your sent WhatsApp messages. The message will remain with that plain grey color that doesn’t indicate whether it has been read or not.

If this option isn’t for you….there is a handy but lengthy alternative.

  1. Look for the status through your phone storage.

WhatsApp discreetly saves statuses in the phone storage on android phones. When you open the WhatsApp folder on your phone, look for media. You will find a new folder “statuses” appearing in the media file. When you open it, you will find all the statuses from your contacts in your phone.

The only disadvantage is that you will not be able to know who posted which status because it does not disclose the user details.

If you cannot find the folder mentioned above, open your file manager, click on settings, and choose ‘show hidden files’. The folder will appear.

And there you have it… How To Hide That You Have Seen Someone’s Status On Whatsapp!


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