How To Share Live Locations With Friends While Using WhatsApp

How To Share Live Locations With Friends While Using WhatsApp

Many WhatsApp users do not know that people can share Live Locations on their whatsapp. Some think that it is a hard task which requires downloading of some softwares and including long processes which are time consuming.  WhatsApp  has an in-built feature that allows users to track the real time location and this is so easy to use when sharing locations. So in order to get someone’s location via WhatsApp, Users should follow the steps below.

The following steps can help users to  track location via WhatsApp.

Step 1

  • You have to open a chat or a group chat in WhatsApp and then tap on the attach file symbol

Step 2

  • After that click on “Location” in the options presented and then choose  were it is written “Share live location.”

Step 3

  • Last you have to select the duration to share location and tap “Send location”.
  • Now you can share the location for 15 minutes or more than that e.g 1 hour or eight hours

So on your phone the stages will be like on the picture bellow:

whatsapp location sharing

Another simple steps to follow

  1. Go to your phone settings and enable location permission for WhatsApp . Firstly go to Apps and notifications > Advanced > App permissions > Location > turn on WhatsApp.
  2. Or else if your  WhatsApp is open you can go to your phone’s Settings >go to  Apps & notifications > choose WhatsApp > go to Permissions > and turn on Location.
  3. You have to open an individual or group chat
  4. Click attach >  go to Location >  and tap Share live location.
  5. Choose duration you want to share your location
  6. Click Send


*NB* However,  For this  to  work, both users  need to reach agreement with the other because if not other part can decline the location sharing request at any time.


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