How To Switch Off WhatsApp Reception Without Turning Off Data On Huawei Phone

Do you at times need to switch off WhatsApp reception but you don’t want to turn off your data or wifi because you have much more fascinating business on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it.

Are you a Huawei user? If yes here are the easy steps to switching off WhatsApp reception without turning off data.

  • Go to settings

Switch Off WhatsApp Reception


  • Go to data traffic management

Switch Off WhatsApp Reception

  • Press Networked Apps

Switch Off WhatsApp Reception

Here you will see a list of all your installed apps on the left side and two other columns with ticks on the right.

The columns will be under the titles Mobile Data and Wifi respectively.

Here you can choose to continue using Data or Wifi to access WhatsApp or any other application of your choice.

If you press and switch off two blue ticks in front of WhatsApp, you have completely excluded the application from using both wifi and data, hence you are ready to go. No messages will be going through your phone.

Note that you can also go through the same process when you now want to switch on data or wifi for WhatsApp.

Easy right? Good luck!

In related topics, WhatsApp Beta recently revealed that the instant messaging app was working towards rolling multi-device support that will allow users to use one WhatsApp account on two or more separate devices.

The new update will be available in WhatsApp beta Android version

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