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How To Tell Who Has Texted You On WhatsApp Without Checking

The whole point of WhatsApp is to be convenient and make things and communication between people much easier

Sometimes you know you have dozen WhatsApp Messages waiting for you but you don’t know who exactly they’re from.

How To Tell Who Has Texted You On WhatsApp

Well if, you want to know which one of your contact is online without going online yourself and opening WhatsApp,you can just read this article and know the tricks of the trade.

Back to knowing who has texted you, instead of holding a virgil and waiting for someone’s reply, you can just apply a simple trick to know if it’s them.

No more obsessively checking your phone every 5 minutes.

Well it does work if you people on your secret blacklist too , I mean those people you can’t block because they’re your relative or acquaintance but they’re just annoying to deal with.

You can also do this on ordinary WhatsApp and you it can be done in just a minute.

You simply assign a unique ringing tone to that person or a simple vibration, provided that your WhatsApp messaging phone is not on vibrate for everyone.

So for the trick

Open your WhatsApp

Go to your contacts list and tap on the contact you wish to customize for and their chat window opens.

Once you tap on their screen, several options will appear, including media visibility, mute and custom notifications.

Select custom notifications

First option is Use Custom Notification, you can check the box.

Select a ringing tone from the default ones on the phone or you can customize your own from the music in your phone.

Next time that song plays on your phone, you know who has just texted you.


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