IBM Acquires Turbonomic Automation Software

If you’re looking for the best automation software for your data center, you should look at the Turbonomic platform. Its proven reliability has made it the preferred platform for financial institutions, social websites, e-commerce sites, carriers, and service providers. Turbonomic is used by Xerox, Sky Bet, and other leading companies. Read on to learn more about this powerful automation software. Here are some of the benefits that Turbonomic offers.

IBM acquires Turbonomic

This week, IBM announced the acquisition of Turbonomic automation software, which was founded in 2007. The deal follows the acquisition of Instana and WDG Automation. Instana provides application performance management, which IBM will integrate with Turbonomic. And IBM is also planning to integrate its automation tools with its Watson AIOps platform, which utilizes machine learning algorithms. So, who can benefit from IBM’s latest acquisition?

This deal will give customers more control over their IT infrastructure by automating IT operations. Turbonomic provides tools for assessing application performance across on-prem, cloud, and container environments. IBM plans to integrate the tools with Instana’s real-time observability capabilities and Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps. The two companies’ combined capabilities will help companies ensure application performance, regardless of the platform.

While IBM did not provide additional information at press time, the company did confirm that the purchase will help create a unified approach to AIOps. IBM acquired observability startup Instana in November, and it believes Turbonomic will complement Instana’s role by providing automated contextualization of observability metrics. The combination of the two products will help customers realize cost efficiencies while helping them achieve compliance and governance objectives.

IBM is a customer of Turbonomic

IBM has acquired a company called Turbonomic, a provider of automation software for data centers. The company provides software to accelerate the performance of applications, while also enabling compliance and security. The company has received funding from Bain Capital Ventures and Trend Forward Capital and was valued at $963 million in September. Turbonomic has been a partner with IBM since 2013 and recently signed an OEM agreement with the company. It reported a 41% growth in its fiscal year 2020 and also benefited from customers speeding up the migration of applications to the public cloud during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the acquisition of Turbonomic should attract additional customers to IBM’s AIOps division.

Its automation capabilities are designed to optimize IT estates across multi-cloud, cloud, and containerized environments. It can also elastically scale based on service level objectives. For further details, read the official press release from IBM. This article also highlights the benefits of Turbonomic for the IBM customer community. It can streamline IT operations by ensuring the availability of critical applications, improving service levels, and reducing costs.

The acquisition of Turbonomic, a company that makes application performance management and network performance management software, is another big move for IBM. Although the deal price is not disclosed, it is expected to be in the range of $1.5 billion to $2 billion. If the deal goes through, IBM is likely to add Turbonomic’s technology to its portfolio, paving the way for AI-powered IT operations and application-centric AIOps.

IBM plans to create a single-vendor approach to AIOps with Turbonomic

A new deal between IBM and Turbonomic, a Boston-based application resource management and performance management software provider, will strengthen the company’s AI-powered automation capabilities. The combination of these two companies will provide enterprises with automation capabilities spanning AIOps, application observability, and infrastructure observability. The combined capabilities will enable IBM customers to manage their IT infrastructure across hybrid clouds. Moreover, IBM will integrate Turbonomic capabilities into its Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps services.

As 5G gains traction among carriers, IBM is playing to its strengths. It will be offering new AIOps solutions from March 15, 2022. The two companies also collaborated on a Designed to Automate Software License Compliance project. The companies will work together to develop integrations between Turbonomic and Flexera One, as well as AI inference platforms. IBM also plans to evaluate NeuReality’s automation software and products.

IBM will integrate Turbonomic’s ARM automation software with its own capabilities. It will help IBM customers assure the performance of application environments across hybrid cloud and on-premises resources. Its ARM software is designed to analyze performance across applications, containers, virtualization, and cloud resources. IBM also plans to integrate Turbonomic with Instana’s cloud observability platform and its Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps. Combined with these technologies, Turbonomic’s automation software will allow customers to monitor and optimize their entire IT infrastructure.

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