Insightly CRM Software

Insightly CRM software offers two ways to organize projects, the standard pipeline and milestones. The standard pipeline functions like a kanban system with stages for conversion. Milestones, on the other hand, organize projects based on deadlines and targets. These are ideal for teams working together, but not necessarily for tasks that are easily defined. Permissions are either simple or complex, depending on the needs of your team.


Insightly CRM software is designed to work with a wide variety of web applications, including email services and other business SaaS. The Insightly REST API follows industry standards and includes client-side libraries for, and Python. Its integrations with Swagger allow for automated generation of SDKs in virtually any programming language. The Insightly API supports a variety of popular APIs, including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Slack, and QuickBooks Online. It also supports a REST-based API, making integrations with the Insightly CRM system easy.

Using Insightly CRM software, marketers can segment their customers, pinpoint pain points, and target customers with timely messages. Its comprehensive reporting capabilities let users set up custom dashboards and reports, showing how customers interact with their various departments. They can also view a customer’s journey from start to finish across different domains. And with the appropriate permissions, Insightly can be used to integrate with third-party applications such as email and social media.


When it comes to pricing, Insightly has a lot to offer. With the sales features, users can manage opportunities and add them to their sales database. With the quotations tab, users can generate quotes from the opportunity screen. Project management features allow users to convert closed opportunities into projects and track milestones and expenses for each project. This feature makes it easy to handle projects and create projects with the help of customer feedback.

There are three Insightly CRM pricing tiers. The free tier includes basic features such as contact management. The two paid tiers range from $29 per user per month to $99 per user per year. Insightly CRM also includes a free trial and a 14-day money-back guarantee. Users can also use Insightly’s built-in intelligence platform for a limited period of time. The free tier also comes with email-based support. The Professional plan has more features and benefits than the free plan.


With Insightly CRM software, you can easily manage your contacts. This CRM software includes two types of data: Contacts and Organizations. To add a contact, open the Create New Organization dialog and enter the contact’s information. When you click “Add Contact,” a new window will appear. A card will display their contact information, including their status and source. When they become a lead, they will be placed in the Opportunities tab. You can also add rules to assign Leads to your team members.

Insightly CRM software offers the ability to configure your reporting dashboards. With the help of Insightly, you can create tasks, benchmarks, and other types of reports. You can even set automatic email reminders and monitor your email correspondence. Additionally, Insightly CRM software includes a project management functionality. It can convert closed opportunities into projects and manage project milestones. Users can share project-related files with other users.

Technical specifications

Insightly offers three different pricing plans, including free for two users and forever. All three plans include email-based support and access to the help center and community forums. For more in-depth information, visit the help center and community forums. The Professional and Enterprise versions also include service plans, which give businesses the option to customize their support level. For example, a company may want to purchase separate support for all members of its sales team or to conduct advanced features workshops.

The user interface of Insightly CRM is easy to use, and it offers a variety of third-party integrations. Users appreciate the ease of project management and workflow automation features, but some customers are put off by the limited customer support offered at the lower tiers. For faster response, users must pay a higher price. Insightly also offers training materials that can help users get the most out of the software.

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