Know Who Has Texted You On WhatsApp Without Checking On Your Phone

So you want to know who has just sent you a message from WhatsApp without opening the application or checking the screen?

We also assume you want to know when a certain contact replies you, or texts you, without waiting by the phone and twiddling your thumbs.
You want to know whether it’s your bae, or your friend or your relative who has just texted you without having to check on your phone.
We understand that you might be too busy to attend to the phone, or you might be waiting for a particular message from a contact, or you have your contacts prioritized.
Know Who Has Texted You On WhatsApp
Whatever the reason, we got you and we’ll show you how it’s done.
Lucky for everyone, this feature is available on the normal WhatsApp. You don’t need a WhatsApp mod to achieve this.
First open your WhatsApp and go to the chat screen of the contact you wish to assign a unique ringing tone and message tone to.
Next you tap on the name of the contact written at the top of their chat window.
The screen will display several options, including mute notifications, custom notifications and media visibility.
Tap on custom notifications
Several options will appear again, including the one at the top written, Use Custom Notifications. The box will be unchecked so you need to check it.
If you want to set a tone for messages, then tap on Notification tone under Message Notifications.
Select the tone you want to be assigned to the contact, it can be an in built ringing tone from the phone, or a custom tone from your personal music playlist.
Say you want to assign Halsey’s Without Me, as the message tone for your friend, you just choose it from your the music Playlist in your phone.
Every time you hear Halsey’s song, you know which one of your friends has just sent you a message.
It’s that easy.

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