Latest WhatsApp Beta Gives Sneak Peek At Multi-DeviceLatest WhatsApp Beta Gives Sneak Peek At Multi-Device

Latest WhatsApp Beta Gives Sneak Peek At Multi-Device

After rolling out exciting features last year, WhatsApp developers show no signs of slowing down. What will potentially be the first big feature addition for the year, and it is the much-awaited multi-device support is rolling out.

The latest WhatsApp beta for Android and the quick follow-up with WhatsApp beta for Android show progress on that front.

While the former beta WhatsApp for Android version introduced the multi-device support, the quick subsequent version added a new user interface for your linked devices.

This interface will also be used for the multi-device feature. The WhatsApp beta versions also confirm that voice and video calls from WhatsApp on the desktop are also on the way, which is great news for everyone who is relying heavily on WhatsApp to stay connected with friends, family and work.

Latest WhatsApp Beta Gives Sneak Peek At Multi-Device
Latest WhatsApp Beta Gives Sneak Peek At Multi-Device

You may be wondering what multi-device support for WhatsApp is. This feature allows you to have your WhatsApp logged in on your phone—on a single phone.

You can pair it with WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp desktop apps for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. You cannot sign in on another phone. These additional pairings are linked to the WhatsApp on your phone, to send and receive messages.

If your phone doesn’t have 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity or if your phone is switched off, these apps will also not be able to send or receive messages.

With Multi-device support, that is set to change, for the better. With this feature, you will be able to log in with your WhatsApp account on additional devices without having to keep your phone connected.

These companion apps will be self-reliant and capable of sending and receiving messages without being linked with your smartphone.

The good folks at WABetaInfo clarify that multi-device support now shows up on the WhatsApp beta, but isn’t enabled for everyone just yet.

Do note though, the WhatsApp multi-device support means you can have WhatsApp running on the web, desktop apps and the Portal without needing connectivity on and from the WhatsApp on your phone. You can set this up for up to four devices.

In due course, WhatsApp multi-device support will add archiving and muting of chats on companion devices and deleting messages and chats from a companion device.

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