Mai Titi in Facebook spatMai Titi in Facebook spat

PROVOCATIVE comedienne Felistas “Mai Titi” Murata is not new to controversy and appears to have mastered the art of going live on Facebook whenever she feels offended.

Well, at times she, however, engages in these Facebook posts just for the fun of it. But most of the time Mai Titi just appears to have a penchant for online beef with multiple people, not only celebrities.

Responding to Tatelicious, a visibly angry Mai Titi said: “I buy cars and houses while you sell a car and a house. We are not on the same level, me and you.” Mai Titi ridiculed Nyikadzino and Tatelicious claiming that she was making them relevant by engaging them on her live show.

Mai Titi in Facebook spat
Mai Titi in Facebook spat

“Last time you went around telling people that my husband is cheating on me and buying you gifts and asking you out. “I respected and approached you privately, but you are stubborn,” she thundered to Nyikadzino.

Of late, Mai Titi has been embroiled in heated confrontations with fellow comedian Tarisai Tyra “Madam Boss” Chikocho and a self-proclaimed prophet, Passion Java who owns a record label named after him.

Earlier this year, Mai Titi was also embroiled in another nasty exchange of words with Olinda Chapel on Instagram on accusations of infidelity.

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