This How You Forward A Message In 250 Groups At Once Using FMWhatsAppThis How You Forward A Message In 250 Groups At Once Using FMWhatsApp

This How You Forward A Message In 250 Groups At Once Using FMWhatsApp

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Sending messages in many groups has become a boring routine for all WhatsApp users because it is time-consuming, annoying and so boring. This is so because ordinary WhatsApp allows a message to be shared in only five groups at a  time. However, a modified version of Whatsapp called FMWhatsApp has intervened as it allows the sharing of a message in 250 groups at the same time and it works so efficiently.

To enjoy this feature, people should download and install and start using FMWhatsApp because at the moment it is the only WhatsApp version that allows forwarding of a message in many groups at once. Sharing of a message in 250 groups at once is an advantage to users because:

(i). It saves time

(ii). If you have many groups serving one purpose, eg for marketing or school all the members in the different group members receive the same message at once.

(iii). It makes chatting interesting and easy

(iv). Easy sharing of information

(v). It promotes a good business ground.


Steps to follow when changing sharing limit from 5 – 250

  1. Download and Install FMWhatsApp (Unfortunately, it is only available on Android smartphones)
  2. Open your WhatsApp
  3. Go to settings
  4. Tap and open “Fouad Mods”
  5.  Open “Universal”
  6. Tap and open “Settings”
  7. Then start to scroll down till you see where it is written “Increase Forward limit”
  8. Lastly, adjust the indicator which is in front of a message written “Forward messages up to 250  chats”
  9. Make sure the indicator turns green in color and you will be ready to forward a message in 250 groups at once.

Please try this now and do not be left out with this interesting feature which will make your group chat so viable. When group members receive the message at once they will be so happy and they will have a sense of belonging since they will receive the message or group update at once no matter the number of groups.



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