Muvhango 2021 PredictionsMuvhango leading ladies Zonke Mchunu (Imani), Sharon Seno (Marang), Buhle Samuels (Matshidiso) and Bukamina Cebekhulu (Gugu). Supplied.

 Muvhango 2021 Predictions

Sharon’s success…

 Muvhango 2021 Predictions

Sharon is going to be the Mukwevho to watch out for in 2021, as she’s going to make lots of money with her Air BNB business.

She’ll also meet the man of her dreams. I hope that man will be Mohau as she was craze in-love with him and Mohau is still single. 

Azwindini’s lesson…

Azwindini has manned up this year, thanks to his soon-to-be ex-wife; Mpho Mukwevho who cheated on him and fell pregnant with his rival.

This was a much-needed lesson for Azwindini who has always gotten away with everything and slept with other men’s women in Thate.

Mpho has not only taught him a lesson but has put him on the straight and narrow! He will be faithful to his wife; Suzan going forward and stay in his lane.

James and Imani….

Sparks will probably fly between Mpho and James in 2021! James will leave his business to Imani towards the end of this year should he be sent to prison, this will rock James and Marang’s relationship. Marang got James by cheating with him on KK and James cheated with Marang on his wife; Modiehi…How you get them, is how you’ll lose them!

This might be mean that Marang and KK might get back together since Matshidiso played by Buhle Samuels has been fired from the show.

Marang and Imani will definitely not be friends again, should James pursue a relationship with Imani. 

This won’t be the first time Imani betrays a friend because of a man. She stole her cousin; Thandaza Mukwevho’s husband; Ranthumeng and fell pregnant with his baby, then stole Gugu’s man.

Rendani and Hulisani’s marriage…

 Muvhango 2021 Predictions

There’s no guarantee that Hulisani and Rendani will stay married because fans of the show are not pleased with the new Hulisani. They definitely want Rendani to stay married because she’s the star of the show and she’s been single for too long.

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