New WhatsApp FeaturesSee The Exact Time When Your WhatsApp Message Was Read

New WhatsApp Features To Have Expiring/Self Destructing Messages

Whatsapp is about to roll out 2 of the most anticipated features for its users.

WhatsApp wants to bring the multiple device feature and the expiring Media/ self-destructing messages feature.

The features are now in the Beta testing phase.

New WhatsApp Features

According to Wabetainfo reports, the multi-device support could be released at any moment as it is in the final phases of testing.

The multiple device feature will see users be allowed to log into 4 devices at a time using a single WhatsApp account

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“WhatsApp is developing the best feature ever: it will allow you to use the same WhatsApp account on 4 different devices at the same time. What is the advantage? You won’t need an Internet connection on the main phone, so you can use WhatsApp Desktop when your phone is off, for example, or other devices.WhatsApp is actually planning a new modern UI for the desktop client, showing how the chat history is migrated from your device and that the process is end-to-end encrypted,”

Earlier reports said end to end encryption will still be applicable to the multi device system

Some features are said not to be yet available, however the important features like syncing chat history, muting chats, starring/delivering messages etc have been developed.

Once the remainder of the features are developed, they’d have to go through the beta testing phase.

According to WABetaInfo, the features will have a multi device toggle button, which will enable all connection of multiple devices to the phone.

“When you turn on the toggle to enroll your WhatsApp account, and you create a new session, your devices will be in sync and any action taken from a device is automatically replicated on all your other devices.

The expiring messages feature will enable users to set a time frame for their chats such that a message gets automatically deleted once it’s duration expires.


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