WhatsApp Upgrade Will Let Users Manage Their Storage From The App

New WhatsApp Upgrade Will Let Users Manage Their Storage From The App

Clogging up phone space is one annoyance smartphone users cannot get over. The irritation comes when phone applications fail to quickly function, with constant reminders from the phone system to free up space and allow usage of other apps. For WhatsApp users, it is usually data from the app that clogs up the phone.

Users have always found a way to individually go to file storage and delete file by file to free up space. But this is a huge hassle.

Luckily for Whatsapp’s billion users, WhatsApp is currently working on a feature that will make users see how much space the app’s content is using on the device so to make decisions to either download more files or delete those in the phone.

The new WhatsApp upgrade comes with options that allow one to view the size of certain charts and also see how much has been forwarded to other contacts.
Users will be able to display files in size order which will mean they can instantly tell where too much data comes from.

This will ultimately come with a way to individually choose to accept or delete large chats or files that have a potential of clogging up the phone space.

The feature is called Storage Usage, according to WABetaInfo. Its release is however not guaranteed, but may be coming in the next months.

Once available it will definitely help a lot of users keep their devices a little less clogged up.

The upgrade comes hot on heels with last month’s big update called Search The Web for users to verify the authenticity of the content they receive – especially forwarded messages..

The new feature provides a way to search messages that have been forwarded many times so to help people find news results or other sources of information about the content they have received.


WhatsApp Upgrade Will Let Users Manage Their Storage From The App

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