Original John Vuli Gate Version Released As War Intensifies

Original John Vuli Gate Version Released As War Intensifies On Who Among The Two Brothers Owns The Song

Original John Vuli Gate Version Released As War Intensifies
Original John Vuli Gate Version Released As Masters War Intensifies

It seems like the fight over the instant hit song, John Vuli Gate is far from over – even after its 15-minutes-of-fame is far long gone now, the two camps who claim the song are still at it.

Members of the Scara and Chilli Ya Baba group, Tsokotla Moatshe, Dominic Baloyi and Ndivhuwe Nephiwe have released another John Vuli Gate version, claiming that it was the original version and they were the original artists who own the song.

The instant hit song that became famous a few months ago was released by Mapara A Jazz members, Mc Millan Nephiwe, who is Ndivhuyo Nephiwe’s brother and Leanard Malatji.

A fight broke between the two groups after Scara and Chilli Ya Baba members sued Mapara A Jazz for stealing their song in July.

The duo ended up at a police station for questioning after Scara Chilli Ya Baba opened a theft case against them.

The Pretoria Central Police are still investigating the matter and no further legal solution has been sought in the meantime.

Speaking on the new development regarding the controversial song, Scara and Chilli Ya Baba group says their song is already available on Youtube, Facebook and people should be expecting it on TV soon.

“The reason we released the song is that we are the legal owners. We have waited for Mapara A Jazz to prove their case, but they haven’t.

Mapara A Jazz don’t have masters of the song and they will not dare come to us.

I feel we gave them enough time to resolve the matter. “We will not beg them because they are the ones who stole the song,” Mantata told Daily Sun.

Speaking on his beef with his brother, Scaraboy said he was now ready to face his brother now that people know the truth.

“This is our song and we own the rights to it. I’m ready to face my brother Man Malaya,” he said.

The new version of John Vuli Gate is already available on music streaming services.

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