Pomona project above board: Nguwaya

Pomona project above board
Pomona project above board

GEOGENIX BV says it will forge ahead with the controversial Pomona waste management project despite the Harare City Council (HCC) suspending it through a council resolution last month.

Speaking during a media tour of the project site yesterday, the company’s executive chairperson, Delish Nguwaya said they were only worried about fulfilling their contractual agreement with HCC.

“Everything we are doing is above board. The problem we have is not with HCC, but an individual, Harare mayor Jacob Mafume who wants the deal to be renegotiated,” Nguwaya said.

Pomona project above board
Pomona project above board

Harare suspends Pomona deal

“He was not the mayor, but all the councillors agreed with the deal. We are going to forge ahead with the deal and if he wants to cancel it, the council will pay the stipulated US$3, 5 million.”

The HCC has appointed a special committee chaired by councillor Ian Makone (CCC) to probe the controversial deal.

In a public notice, acting town clerk Phakamile Moyo said: “The committee has started its work and is inviting members of the public who would like to make submissions on the matter.”

A special council meeting last month voted for the suspension of the 30-year waste management deal which would see Geogenix BV pocketing over US$240 million at US$22 000 a day from council for waste deliveries.

Following a public outcry,  Geogenix BV bosses flew in from Netherlands on Thursday and met Mafume for crunch talks to save the deal.

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