Quavo Spoils Saweetie With a Bentley For Christmas

Quavo Spoils Saweetie With A Bentley For Christmas 

Quavo definitely knows how to spoil his girl Saweetie!

He bought Icy girl a Bentley for Christmas! The Migos rapper took to Instagram live to share the car. Saweetie was surprised as she saw the white Bentley with a red bowtie.

It’s no secret that Saweetie loves the finer things in life. The “My Type” rapper has already made it clear that she enjoys uber-expensive Birkin bags and she is constantly wearing designer clothes and fancy jewelry. And she definitely has her man paying for it. Saweetie recently shared photos and videos of her private jet on her social media pages.

She posted photos of herself getting onto a private jet. She captioned the photos, “fly in fashion I make myself proud!”



She posted a series in the Instagram stories of her first flight on a private jet. She Saweetie posted, “I got my first mother fuck*ng jet. I’m hella happy. This sh*t hell mother fu*king big I know that’s mother f*king right.”

After landing safely, she recorded a selfie video sharing the good news. She also posted photos of Quavo carrying her to the car. She tweeted, “big baby.”

The main attraction was the gift that the rapper got from her bae. In a live video shared by the Shaderoo, Saweetie can be seen running around screaming with excitement. Still dressed in her travel clothes, the 26-year-old rapper looked and touched the car, assessing it. The white Bentley came in personalized with an ice follicle for ‘Icy Girl.’


To thank her man, the ‘Back to the Streets’ rapper tweeted, 


Clearly, she has the internet jealous. In the video sh theShe has been dating Migos member Quavo for the last two years and is also the cousin of actress Gabrielle Union.


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