Rhythm City: Young Ndlovu Will Fall For Pearl

Rhythm City: Young Ndlovu Will Fall For Pearl

Pule has been an annoying thorn in our lives ever since he came to DK! If it is not the fact that the most dangerous tsotsis are chasing him it is that he gets himself entangled with trouble so easily it is hard to fight for him and rescue him, but his father is Suffocate, so he obviously knows what to do to get himself out of trouble. It is this very characteristic in him, that is very similar to that of his fathers that will get him into and out of trouble. Suffocate has been known to be unafraid of things and people. He is a go-getter and is always willing to go to lengths nobody else is, in order to get what he wants. 

Pule has been around Pearl a few times for them to develop a sense of rapport with each other but it has the type of fire and gusto that it takes to create a spark between people who can potentially love or share a bed with each other. What we are going to see in a few days will be fire between Pule and Pearl, against Pearl’s better judgment and of course to our entertainment!

Pearl has set herself as the strong Genaro daughter who will do anything and everything in order to ensure that her father’s business interests are maintained even from the grave. She is intent on keeping the Genaro name alive and adding the danger element to it, even in her womanhood. It is a wonderful thing, but Pearl has always been the femme fatale when it comes to Ndlovu men, especially Young Ndlovu. They go weak at their knees in her presence, they fall in love with Pearl and fight for her even sometimes against her own will. Pule will fall in love with Pearl and once again the Ndlovu empire will be shaken!


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