Save Data On WhatsApp

Save Data On WhatsApp And See How Much You Are Using

Your back and forth with your contacts on WhatsApp, together with your online activity on the instant messaging application is mostly governed by the data you have available.

Although WhatsApp is a free application, it relies on an internet connection to function, which means one need a decent data plan.

Save Data On WhatsApp

While some people have Wi-Fi  all the time so they don’t have to worry about data, unless they’re headed out, some need data bundles from their network provider so they can keep it moving.

The amount of data you use on WhatsApp depends on the money that you have of course.

If your data plan is limited, then you don’t want Whatsapp gobbling up all your data in such a short space of time.

That means you can’t download large files, which mostly include audios, videos and some pictures.

You want to use as little data as possible, mostly just for chatting.

Auto media downloads are usually the main culprits.

Usually when you have your WhatsApp on auto media download, it will download all media sent to your phone, whether large or small.

To save yourself the grief, just go to your WhatsApp settings, then select data and storage, select usage, select Media Auto-Download, select Switch to Wi-Fi only for each option.

This definitely saves a lot of data especially if you’re in groups which are constantly posting audios and video and photos.

If you’re worried about how much data you’re using or if you want to keep tabs on your data consumption.

You got to Settings, select Account, select Data Usage then select Network Usage, you’ll get a breakdown.


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