Scandal January 2021 Spoilers

The Truth Revealed

Grace will do some digging in January and get to the bottom of the secret affair between fake siblings; Simo and Violetta. Violetta’s husband; Mamba will confirm to Grace that Simo and Violetta are not siblings as she claims.

Get ready for some dirty dealings between Grace and Violetta as she’s going to stab Simo in the back to cover her own tracks. But will it be too late?

We know that the actress has gone back to The Queen and she’s not on Scandal’s credits as Simo. So will Violetta make a run for it?

Her husband; Mamba is not one to be messed with. So, if she runs, what will happen to Simo?


Dintle’s Situationship

 Scandal January 2021 Spoilers

Things are about to get sticky and tricky at NFH as their CEO; Dintle is about to get into a situationship with her cameraman; Amo. Will this relationship be her downfall? Will she keep her CEO title in 2021?

We know that Layla has been sabotaging her at meetings because she wants the CEO position back. Layla will make a discovery that might ruin things for Dintle, but what will she discover, and will this discovery ruin things for Dintle forever or temporarily?


Lerumo’s Love Life

 Scandal January 2021 Spoilers

Lerumo’s love life has been non-existent since Yvonne Langa played by Kgomotso Christopher left the show. He’s going to confront her about their relationship; will she come back for him or stay in Canada with her daughter?

Actress, Kgomotso Christopher left Scandal for Mnet’s The Legacy, so we know she’s not coming back.

The end of YV and Lerumo will be the beginning of Seipati, Lerumo, and Tebello as a family. Will Seipati let her guard down and allow Lerumo back in her life?

Watch these unfold in January 2021, on Scandal ETV, Monday to Friday at 19:30.


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