Search for media in WhatsApp groups

Search for media in WhatsApp groups
Search for media in WhatsApp groups

In as much as WhatsApp groups are effective in enabling collective interaction between multiple users, there are also several flaws associated with using this feature. One of the many which many people seem to complain about is how groups on WhatsApp are always cluttered with messages and more often it’s easy to miss very important messages.

For this reason your one-stop shop for all things WhatsApp has done a bit of investigation on simple ways you can use to locate important files in a group chat. Just like we said before, what you think is easy to do could be a very difficult task to execute for someone else. Let’s get started. Let’s say you have a WhatsApp work group and there is a document or media file you need to access and it would only be taxing for you to try and go through each message. You would obviously need a simple way to filter through the messages to find what you are looking for. There is a simple way to achieve this. WhatsApp has a search feature which allows the user to search for messages which they have received on the communication platform.

Inorder search for stuff in a group please follow these steps:

1. Open WhatsApp messenger
2. Go to the group which you intend to access information from
3. Tap on the group icon on the top
4. Click the icon which is written: ‘Media, links, docs’.
5. After clicking this you will be able to choose either if you want to access the documents, media or website links

Just like that, it’s easy. Please view the photographs below to follow the simple steps.











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