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Send a WhatsApp message without going online

Did you know you can send someone a WhatsApp message without even going online? Sounds unbelievable, right. There’s a simple trick you probably did not even think exists.

At one point or the other, our inboxes get so flooded with tonnes of messages and responding to all of them when we are swamped can be taxing. With that said, imagine you have an urgent message which you intend to send to someone but you don’t want to go online and alert all those people clamouring for your attention and be forced to engage in unnecessary chit-chat. Forget about getting past this by using your mobile device’s notification bar because it only allows you to reply to WhatsApp messages but you can’t start a conversation.

So your question now would be, how do I manoeuvre past this conundrum? The answer is easy. Use Google’s virtual assistant, more simply known as Google Assistant. Google Assistant is an inbuilt feature which comes in almost every smartphone, it allows users to perform tasks like setting an alarm, creating a reminder and ordering food, by commanding the virtual assistant to execute the tasks.

The feature can also be used to make a call or send a text message by just telling the assistant what to do. So this feature can also be used to send  WhatsApp messages.  What’s cool about this is, you do not even need to go online for you to send the message or physically type it.

Here is how it works:

1. Activate Google Assistant by long-pressing the home button on your phone.
2. After long-pressing the home button, you will see four standard colours moving on the screen. This is when you say the command ‘Send WhatsApp message’  What’s easy would be to tell Google Assistant to send WhatsApp message to a specific contact. For example, ‘send message to Mike Pictures on WhatsApp‘ as illustrated in the images below.
3. Once you do this, the assistant will ask you what message you intend to send and you dictate the message.
4. When done, Google Assistant will ask if you want to send the message. Reply with yes and it’s done. Your message has been sent and you will not appear online. By doing this, your last seen remains unchanged from the last time you physically went online.

1. After long-pressing the home button, Google Assistant will ask you of the task you intend for it to carry out
2. As mentioned before, you will have to say the name of the person you intend to send a message to. For example, as highlighted in the image above, ‘send message to Mike pictures’
3. Once you are done dictating your message, now you can tell Google Assistant to send the message and it’s done.

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