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Send WhatsApp Message To Multiple People Without Creating A Group

So, today we will educate you on a couple of WhatsApp hacks, which you need to know to navigate the social media application with ease.

I mean, let’s face it, WhatsApp was meant to make life and communication easier for us, so when it starts being an inconvenience, then it’s time for an intervention.

So you want to send the same message to a dozen people but don’t want to create a whole group just to do that.

Maybe you just wanted to tell people that time has changed for your meet up or announce the venue of a party.

Send WhatsApp Message

Let’s face it, groups can be tedious, a simple group on an announcement can quickly turn into a reunion platform where old fiends catch up, can also turn into a joke centre where people share jokes or it can become a new virtual hangout for people.

While groups have advantages, sometimes there is no need to create a whole group when you just want to pass one message to your contacts.

So how do you avoid groups, you can just broadcast your message.

The broadcasting feature has been on WhatsApp for a long time, many people might have no idea how it works.

To access this feature, simply tap on the upper 3 menu dots on the right side of your screen

Select the ‘New Broadcast‘ option.

Select the contacts you want to include in your message

A single message will be sent to all the recipients. 

You don’t even need to copy and paste for every person, once you type in your message and broadcast then everyone you selected receives the same messages.

The good thing is, individual chats are created as a result. If you’re a person who can handle multiple individual replies from people then you can indulge in this.


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