Skeem Saam: The Beautiful Ghost of Turfloop

Skeem Saam: The Beautiful Ghost of Turfloop

Is it Rachel? Is it her ghost? Who is the girl that everyone else has seen yet no one knows who she is? 

We have been subjected over the past two days or so, to rumors from the men and boys especially of Turfloop about a mysterious beautiful woman who apparently only ever hitchhikes in the middle of the night or when no one can see and it’s dark outside. We have been waiting with bated breath to find out who she is while secretly hoping that Leshole is the first one to find her because of obvious bias and like for our Leshole. 

Leshole finding her fist would mean dibs on her, she might not be a person into poor guys but perhaps she might just kick it with Leshole as friends? And besides, if she tells anyone that she knew him first then it would still be propped to him? Listen, Leshole deserves a soft life and if it was up to a lot of people who watch Skeem sam, then he would have all that he wants on a silver platter and then some. 

The ghost also seems to be calling people to the hood of Turf. Who on earth is Caswell and why did Rangwane Charles play Judas on him, when Nimrod asked if he is friends with him? Does it seem that Caswell came specifically to Turf to look for Rachel? Otherwise, why would that be the first house that he went to? Whatever Caswell is in Turf to do, clearly involves Rachel and it is big! This also tells us that Rachel is lurking and might just be sending clues of her return to everyone to let them know, either that she is watching or that she is aware of all that is happening around Turfloop and her family. 


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