Some Hidden WhatsApp Features You Need To Know

Some Hidden WhatsApp Features You Need To Know
Some Hidden WhatsApp Features You Need To Know

There’s always that urge to get more out of an application. It’s probably one of many reasons why MOD WhatsApp versions have found popularity nowadays.

But what many miss is that WhatsApp has all the good any MOD can provide.

It’s all about making the good out of the app and uncovering some of the hidden features.

Below are some of hidden WhatsApp Features you need to know of;

1. Disable Read Receipts

Want to prevent fellow users from knowing whether you have read their message or not?

Worry not, with an original WhatsApp app you can, Open Setting > Accounts > Privacy and uncheck the box or slide the switch next to Read Receipts to the Off position.

However, what you need to know is that disabling this will also prevent you from seeing others if people’s have read yours or not.

2. Export a conversation

You can export a conversation should you need to save it. When viewing a conversation, Android users need to tap on the Menu button followed by More > Export Chat.

On an iPhone, the process involves viewing a chat thread, tapping on the contact name at the top of the screen, then scrolling to the bottom of the Contact Info page and selecting Export Chat.

Both devices give you the option to export with or without media attached.

WhatsApp is a popular chat app, but if you’re looking for something else to use, we have a few options for you. iPhone owners can always take advantage of iMessage, which has many of the same features as WhatsApp. Android owners have seen the Messages app receive some meaningful updates over the years, as well.

3. Remove saving photos and videos by default

If you’d rather not have WhatsApp saving every photo and video you receive to your camera roll, taking up space and cluttering up your own photos, disable autosave.

On an iPhone, open Settings > Chats and turn off Save to Camera Roll. On Android, go to open Settings> Chats and turn off Media Visibility.

4.Clear out storage, and see who you talk to the most

Curious about who your BFF is on WhatsApp? It’s easy to find out.

On your iPhone or Android phone, go to Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage. A list of contacts will populate, in order of who is using the most storage on your phone. Tap on each contact to view more detailed stats, such as the number of messages exchanged, images and GIFs.

The new-look storage section of WhatsApp makes it easier to get rid of large files taking up space on your phone, as well as giving you a way to see who you chat with the most.

5.Star a message so it’s easy to find later

Starring a message creates a convenient way to go back to a meaningful message, phone number, address or article link a friend sent you. Long-press on the message, then tap on the Star icon. A small star icon will be placed next to the message so you can easily identify it when scrolling through your conversation.

You can also view your starred messages on an iPhone, by going to the Settings tab and selecting Starred Messages. Android users need to tap on the Menu button, then Starred Messages.

There are so many hidden WhatsApp Features one can use to change their experience with the app.

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