The best alternative to GB Whatsapp

If you think that GB Whatsapp is the best unofficial Whatsapp, Well you should hook yourself to other Whatsapps like FM Whatsapp. Their features may be the same but there is an extension on some of the features. This article will give you the best alternative to GB Whatsapp.

GB WhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp MODs around. However, it isn’t the only one available as there’s a long list of alternatives if you don’t wish to use GB Whatsapp.

Let’s look into FM Whatsapp

Just by looking at FM Whatsapp, you will think most probably you have wasted your time because it doesn’t look any different from the original version. However, when you start traversing inside, you will realize that the app is much more than what it seems.

FM WhatsApp allows you to use up to two different accounts on one phone, hence, having an alternative phone now becomes pointless, you just need that other phone for verification purposes only.

Also, FM WhatsApp comes along with a number of privacy settings hidden within the app’s foundations. Once you have finished installing the application, you can open your Whatsapp to start a chat and on the menu tab, you will find the list pf privacy settings.

The privacy settings include hiding last seen, blue ticks, and status views among others. With FM Whatsapp you can turn your Whatsapp account into a ghost account when in actual fact you exist. The privacy settings will help you do so.

FM Whatsapp has themes that are eye-catching. It has gained massive popularity because of the themes. Most teenagers have made use of this Whatsapp because of the themes and crazy features.

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